Tuner Photos Posted


Just a quick not to let you know that I posted a few pictures of the MasterHarp US Sjoeberg Tuner here.

I am working on the commerce end of this now and hope to have it squared away very soon.

In the mean time your patience is greatly appreciated, we are getting there!


New Year! Progress!


Well December was indeed a slow month, time off taken for family, friends and to charge up my batteries... with considerable time in between for the tuner I will say. At this point I am working out the finishing details, sanding, finish coat, engraving, fitting the valves and so on for the first twelve or so tuners. The first one of those finished gets shipped to Dick for a final check this week. With that done I will start the ordering process for this first batch in earnest.

November already, really?!


November was not as productive as I would have liked unfortunately, mostly due to discovering what it really takes to assemble this work of art, genius, precision and craftsmanship. Forgive the flagrant self promotion there but my respect for Dick Sjoberg...

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