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Sjoeberg Diatonic Harmonica Tuning Table

You can now tune with extreme precision, great confidence and save money in the long run!
Works on all major brand ten hole reed plates! 

It is extremely fast and accurate!

ST15 Single Reed Plate
New Resonance Configuration!


Pre-order the ST15S or ST15M now
for delivery in 2-3 weeks.


The ST-14 is pretty much sold out at this point.  We do have a limited quantity of the ST14.5 coming soon; once they are built they will be sold at a discount from the ST-15 the only big difference is that is lacks the resonance enhancements of the ST-15.

Time to time I will be up-grading users from the ST-14 to the ST-15 and therefore will have used versions. Please let me know directly, john-at-masterhap-dot-com , if you are interested in a used version and which one. I will then add you to the queue and keep you posted on availability.

I know it is a little bit confusing at this point but bear with me as it is not easy for me to keep all the balls in the air. The good news is that all of this is slowly becoming managable and all processes are improving.

I will add here that although the ST-15 requires a significant investment it is worth the wait and I would really appreciate your support.

John Ingham - MasterHarp USA
11  Sept  2015



Registered Users will have availability and delivery priority by registration date as tuners become available.

Masterharp USA

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