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About Masterharp USA

Many years ago I felt there had to be a better way of tuning harmonicas. I looked for a tuning table and couldn't find one, started designing one myself, but as I was still a working man I didn't have the time to invest in bringing it to fruition. I put the whole idea aside, until I heard about the Sjoeberg Tuning Table. I realized immediately that he had created what I was looking for. I contacted him and put my name on the waiting list. After waiting a while Dick informed me that he was not able to make them any more. I wanted one so badly that I called him, and he told me that he had put his business up for sale the previous day. I ended up buying the business.

Together we have brought the tuning table back into production. Our creation is the result of many years of hard work, a labor of love. We have agreed that the tuners I construct for MasterHarp USA will reflect his very high level of craftsmanship. I will also continue to use the highest quality materials. 

As for me, my background includes machining, IT project management, CAD, CAM, CNC, but most importantly, a serious passion for harmonica. I am in a unique position to improve the musical experience of diatonic harmonica players,all of us harp players with all those dead harps we have by the shoe box full on the shelf.

Dick has been, and continues to be, very generous with his time and "goodwill", helping me gain a full understanding of the tuner and his ideas.

Please register with Masterharp so I can keep you informed about our developments.  I am humbled and honored to have taken the torch from Dick for all of us.


Looking forward as always...

John Ingham Masterharp USA