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At this posting we have a limited number of ST series tables listed and ready to ship. If you are not certain about what you want please Contact Us and we will lend a hand. The file sets are a good deal and for the precision tuning our tables are capable of you can not beat them. Each table comes with a full slot 7.5MM center to center (Hohner) 3MM thick gasket. In the case of the single plate tables the gasket can be spun around to it's 8.0MM (Seydel) side. Have a look at the other gaskets too. If you have a lot of holes in your plates the cascading gaskets are something to consider less fiddling will be needed for Special 20s or Lee Oscars.

Remember, this is a lifetime purchase that will save you money. Learning to fix and maintain your own harps will make you a better player in the end.

Most parts are available as separate purchase, various gaskets, alignment pins, delta wings and etc. Please let me know what you want and I will send you a quote.

We look forward to working with you! 

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Ceramic File Set: 400, 800 and 1200 with Handle

With this set of ceramic files and handle you can get the finest results possible with our tables.

Includes three .5X5X400 MM ceramic files, 400, 800 and 1200 grit.


MHS and ST14 Gasket Retrofit Plus


ST14.5 Single Reed Plate Tuning Table

This table is the last in the ST14 series. It folds in all of the features included in the original Sjoeberg table and several great features of the next version.


ST15 Single Reed Plate Tuning Table

This table has all the best features of previous tables and incorporates our advanced accoustics.


ST15.5S Single Reed Plate Tuning Table

Like the ST15 this table has all the best features of previous tables and incorporates our advanced accoustics but not the extra valves.


ST16M Master (Double) Reed Plate Tuning Table

The ST16M Master (double) Table is a step ahead of the others. It allows you to tune one plate to another of the same key and can also function as a single tuning table.


ST16M Harmonica Tuning Table

ST16S Single Reed Plate Tuning Table

This table is the lastest in the ST series and has a modular valve system for easy cleaning and valve tension adjustment.


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ST (Sjoeberg Tuner) Evolution

Major changes are noted here for each table revision. We kept the best features and improved or dropped less beneficial features. All tables are fully capable of rendering great results.

  • Sjoeberg Originals
    • Made in Sweden
    • Aircraft grade plywood
    • Hohner and Seydel alignment
    • Wood Gaskets
    • Corian Slides (10)
  • ST14
    • Made in the US
    • Delrin slides
    • Basic accoustics
    • Modular construction
  • ST14.5
    • Brass slides (12)
    • Silicone gaskets
    • Easier assembly
  • ST15 
    • Advanced accoustics
    • Brass slides (12)
    • Master (Double) table introduced
  • ST15.5
    • Brass slides (10)
    • Improved plate alignment system
  • ST16
    • Removable valve assembly for easier cleaning