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ST15.5S Single Reed Plate Tuning Table


Like the ST15 this table has all the best features of previous tables and incorporates our advanced accoustics but not the extra valves.

Again, a quality product from the bottom up, built to last, built to provide a lifetime of precision tuning!

We continue to use the best materials we can find, EU GL-2 plywood, incredibly sturdy where it needs to be and acoustically fabulous.

The air flow is more directed on this table than the ST14 series as we eliminated the slots in the base. We think this makes the reed plates more responsive to the drawn pressure and therefore requires less work to sound the reeds. 

In this new version of the tuning table you will find, brass valves and pulls, two resonance tubes, brass alignment pins for easy access and a more modular constuction.

Improvements made to internal acoustic features for quite a positive change over the already great acoustics of the ST14. It remains highly engineered construction with great thought and craftsmanship in every detail. The tone of this table is excellent.

The two extra valves on the outside were eliminated in this version.

Additional Features: 

Hardened stainless steel reed plate hold downs each with a precision adjustable shaft collar and  keeper to aid 'on the fly' tension adjustment. It all adds up to an easy way to insert and extract your reed plates for work off the table. To move between a light source or work bench and the tuning table to finesse the reeds as you adjust will be a breeze. 

A full slot 3MM (1/8th inch) fully cured red silicone gasket that slips on placement of reed plates and seals completely under hold pressure is included. It will accommodate most reed plates with 7.5 (Hohner) or 8.0 (Seydel) center to center spacing. For low tuned reeds you can stack a 1.5MM gasket on top.

A cascading slot gasket for Lee Oscar and Special 20s and thinner gaskets are also available.

Fully modular, it can be disassembled for transportation and quickly reassembled for tuning on the road.

A full array of reed plate alignment possibilities that will accommodate most reed plates is standard.

Also included here is a durable Norprene draw tube with two sliding anti-crimp springs, an ergonomic mouthpiece, adjustment wrenches, a few spare parts and stable five point base footing.

Use with Bellows:

The table will also function well with a bellows. Most bellows used for camping purposes have an adapter to suit the mouth piece. Using a bellows and a simple Hoffman (think science) clamp on the hose will aid you to achieve constant air flow if you are not a diaphragm breather. Using the bellows with the table is a great time and breath saver.

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